Important information

Dear current or future patient!

During the Coronavirus pandemic we have to introduce special preventive measures to keep everyone safe. This means that for visits, when in person appearance is not essential, we will provide telemedicine services. This affects the following types of visits:

In order to set up a telemedicine appointment please contact us by phone (+36-1-202-2802) or email (

It is based on the result of these telephone consultations that in person visits can be set up. During the in person visits we will provide you with all the recommended protective equipment and will follow the recommended infection control guidelines.

Our goal is to be able to provide our full services even during the pandemic while minimizing the risk of potential infection in our facilities. Therefore the following measures will be in effect:

  1. Prior to coming to the clinic you will be contacted by email or phone and a standardized questionnaire will need to be completed to assess your risk of being infected by Coronavirus. Please, click here to download the questionnaire.
  2. If the risk is considered to be low we will be able to see you in the clinic. For each clinic visit (blood test, semen analysis, visit with a doctor, etc.) an appointment will need to be set up first. We will only see you in the clinic if an appointment has been previously set up! Since we have to limit the volume of patients that are seen daily if you do not show up in time for your visit a new appointment will need to be arranged for.
  3. If your risk is considered to be high (based on the answers to the questionnaire or symptoms) we will refer you to your general medical provider. In this case we will only be able to see you if the evaluation by your GP is negative for Coronavirus infection.
  4. On the day of the visit please arrive in time. Please wait outside of the building at the main door until you are called by an assistant.
  5. Once you have entered the building the assistant will take your temperature. If your temperature is > 37.5 C we will refer you to your general medical provider.
  6. Once in the clinic you will be asked to use the hand sanitizer and will be asked to use a face mask and gloves.
  7. The glove and mask need to be worn while in the clinic. As you leave the clinic you will be able to dispose them in the special disposal container.
  8. We will only allow the patient herself/ himself to enter the building on the day of the visit. If you arrive with an accompanying person she/ he will need to wait outside of the building. Outside of the building patients/ accompanying persons are required to maintain a min. of 1.5 m distance from each other.
  9. We will do our best to adhere to the daily schedule as at the same time only 2-3 patients will be allowed to stay inside the clinic building (the person undergoing the exam and the one arriving for the following visit).
  10. Consultations, follow-up discussions will be handled by phone.
  11. We will use electronic prescriptions when possible.
  12. These regulations will remain in effect until the end of the pandemic.
  13. We understand that certain aspects of these measures will be less convenient compared to our previous operations but they are of utmost importance to guarantee your safety. We do ask for your patience and cooperation these days to be able to serve you to the best of your knowledge!


Budapest, 1 May 2020.


Dr. Péter Kovács
medical director

Patient information for semen analysis during the COVID-19 pandemic

Please, click here to download the semen analysis information

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